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How to Keep Your Parents OUT of Your Love Life

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Question: The pressure is getting to be too much! My mother keeps trying to find me a man! The issue is she doesn’t know that I am already dating someone and I haven’t told her because I don’t believe she will approve. I am not ashamed of him, in fact, I am quite proud of who he is and what he does but I don’t want him to be made to feel any less than wonderful due to my judgmental mother. Is there a way to get her to stop without exposing my life?

Answer: Your mother sounds like she's really annoying you with her judgment of you and always being in your man-business! I'm sorry! I'm sure ultimately she just wants you to be happy and yet the way she's going about it is doing exactly the opposite, yes?

What a wonderful opportunity to choose for you not to choose or live based on your mother's approval.

What a wonderful opportunity to follow your heart and expose your choices with a healthy pride in your commitment to live according to your truth not hers.

The sooner you get around to standing in your power without apologies or justification or proving your reasoning… Just pure and simple truth… The sooner your mother won't have any power over you and you'll be an even stronger goddess of creation :-)

Easier said than done as I have clients who are 65 and still dealing with this… So the sooner we get started the more free and alive and powerful your life can be.

If you're interested in changing this and being able to love your mother and keep your heart open in the face of her potential disapproval and live your fullest truth with joy with your boyfriend… I invite you to apply for a complementary strategy session with me at It doesn't have to be either or… Your mom or your boyfriend… There is a way when you know longer fear your mothers judgment that you can invite her understanding, and the potential is that you and your mom might get closer when she sees you confident and honest in your truth.

Love, Allana xoxo

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