January 30, 2019 |

How to Handle a Co-Dependent Partner

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Question: I feel like my boyfriend has a co-dependency issue. I have a bunch of friends - he has...well me. I can't be all that he has!

Answer: I imagine that's pretty frustrating for you and if things don't change you will push him away, yes? This video takes you through three steps to change this.

1. Kindness. Judging him or blaming him is going to get us no where, get your frustrations out and send him compassion.

2. Invitation: Being his 'mother' or a 'bitch' isn't very inviting to change. Yet being a feminine invitation telling him what would make you happy... now we're talking.

3. Underneath it All: What's going on with your boyfriend is that he is getting his energy from you, he's not sourcing it from within, connected to LIFE. His heart is most likely wounded or his body is blocked in some way where he can't find his confidence, energy, connection to life from the inside and needs to get it from you.

I can change that. In fact I used to be like this. Bad. It's a scary place to live, when you're disconnected from Source. It makes you spin in your head and it's awful AND pushes away the very thing you desire, connection.

So send him to to download my free report and video series. Then sign him up for a strategy session with me at and use the coupon code 'friend' for a Digital Romance Discount. If this doesn't change, you will eventually push him away. And yet if it does change, you will share the most profound intimate connection possible. What do you choose love? I am here.

Great love,

Allana xoxo

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