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How To Get Over an Ex and Move On

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Question: My ex-wife just found out I am making more money and has been trying to weasel back into my life. While I use harsh words, I was once insanely in love with this woman until she decided I wasn’t good enough and left me for another. I feel like she is messing with my emotions because I will always hold a candle for her. What I need to know is how to finally release her so she no longer has this hold on me.

Answer: Thank you so much for this question and even the transparent way you asked it so that I could feel deeper into what's going on under the surface. I can feel the pain in your heart of how insanely in love you were with her and also how deeply wounded you feel that she left you for another. There’s seems almost a subconscious part of you grateful that she wants to weasel her way back in… to affirm that she really DID value and love you... And yet as she does so, it stings even more, reminding you of how she betrayed you.

Wounds like this run very deep and they are like anchors on a ship in a harbor so that you can't move on to the next horizon. You are wise to see you’re still triggered and you’re willing to transform.

If you've been following me for a while you have heard about my proven tested seven-week home study program called Heart Splayed Wide Open... And what this means to you is that there is a proven tested 7 step recipe to heal exactly what you're going through. There is unintegrated rage and fury as well as unprocessed pain, sadness and devastation of what went down in the past still stuck in your being with emotions, thoughts, images and body sensations.

Trying to move forward with a good attitude doesn’t work. Trying to move forward by not thinking about it or focusing on other things doesn’t work. Trying to move forward without healing this wound is like putting sprinkles on an ice cream cone of $hit. It just doesn't work!

How do we know? She still has power over you, able to make you triggered and upset that she's trying to weasel her way back in. She’s in control, you’re not. I was the same way, don’t worry. So are every one of my clients and customers. It’s OK. This is how we evolve. You’re going to stay triggered and her taking your power away from being calm until you heal both the anger and the sadness in all four elements of emotions, images, thoughts and body sensations.

Something magical happens when we integrate emotional triggers, when we heal traumas from the past... Given we can't create or destroy energy, all we can do is transformed it from pain into wisdom, from hurt into new capacities such his forgiveness, strength, compassion, awareness, discernment, confidence and being able to live our truest self in the moment creating a completely different future.

She will always be able to mess with your emotions until you heal them inside of you. Until then she will always be able to manipulate you and you will lose your present grounded center.

There's no need to punish her or punish you any longer wonderful man. I encourage you to go through the 7 steps to dissolve the anger and melt away the sadness and really step into the awareness of what the life lesson is in this experience.

There is a bloody awesome gift in message waiting for you to integrate into your present moment best self! You can do this. Here is the link to begin the seven week home study program. Heart Splayed Wide Open.

Please stay in touch and tell me how things shift as Miracles are about to unfold... Just like so many other hundreds of people around the globe who have completed this program and experienced magic and breakthroughs they never imagined possible.

Humongous love, Allana xoxo

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