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How Do I Attract the Right Woman

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Question: I am having issues attracting the right woman. Do you have any advice on how to attract the right one?

Answer: A couple things might be going on. First, are you super clear and specific on what you desire and what you think the right woman is? Are you clear on your top 3 to 5 priorities?

Are you able to say thank you but no thank you and fail fast?

Are you honestly ready to be seen, to be vulnerable, to grow and evolve and spiritually expand with another? Are you concerned about being rejected and subconsciously sabotaging who you choose?

Are you seeing a pattern in who you attract that's indicating a blind spot and wound that you haven't attended to? It could simply be a numbers game and to just keep showing up. Or it could be something deeper. What does your masculine instincts say?

Do you feel that YOU are the right one? I mean do you truly have unconditional love and acceptance for yourself?because if you are in a consistent state of judgment or perfectionism with yourself, that's just going to manifest in looking for a partner and you'll never find her :-)

A great place to start to support your endeavor would be my complementary report and video series, and if you believe there's a pattern with the blind spot that needs to be addressed so you don't waste any time energy or money attracting finding in cleaning the one, it would be a privilege to connect with you for a find your perfect mate strategy session by simply emailing my [email protected].

She's out there, don't give up :-) XO XO

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