November 21, 2018 |

Eye Contact. How Long is Too Long?

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Tim messaged me and asked about his intense gaze, that he thought it was too much so he got insecure and started looking away. Now his lady friend thinks he's ignoring her. He wants to fix this fast!

Insecurities are when we leave the present moment and go off spinning in our heads. So I asked him a question about his gaze... was it authentic or a strategy....

Then I gave him two practices to get back into his body that my friend told me about:

1. touching our palms activates our sensory brain making us feel more uplifted and alive

2. touching our arms activates the emotional brain giving us more confidence and inspiration

I wonder what would happen DURING the date if Tim got back into his body touching his hands or arms... or what if he touched the hand or arm of his date, activating those sensations within her too?

Then I gave you some powerful effective mirror homework to strengthen your capacity to be vulnerable, connected and intimate with your SELF and thus your dates and beloved.

How does it get more delicious than that? Have a watch and keep those questions coming! Adore you, Allana

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