November 23, 2022 |

Do You Sacrifice Yourself To Please Others? People Pleasing versus Being Nice

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Discover the delicate balance between being nice and people pleasing in relationships. In this enlightening video, intimacy expert Allana Pratt explores the dynamics of sacrificing oneself to please others and the impact it can have on relationships. While being kind and considerate is important, constantly prioritizing others' needs over your own can lead to intimacy issues and self-neglect. Allana delves into the difference between genuine kindness and people pleasing, offering insights on setting healthy boundaries, practicing self-care, and fostering authentic connections. By finding a harmonious balance between meeting your own needs and being compassionate towards others, you can navigate intimacy issues in relationships and cultivate healthier, more fulfilling connections. Join Allana as she shares practical tips and empowering advice to support your journey towards authentic and balanced relationships. Subscribe to Allana Pratt for more guidance on overcoming intimacy issues and nurturing thriving connections.

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