November 20, 2018 |

CoLiving for the Kids. Now My Ex Has a New Boyfriend!

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Question: Allana , my ex and I have been doing the whole co-parenting/co-living thing but now she has started dating and it's pissing me off. I understand we are divorced and we agreed to this but why is it so easy for her to move on? Did I mean nothing to her?

Answer: Wow my friend, you are stronger than I! I don't think I could coparent/colive together! I would feel just like you when my ex started dating! It's hard enough to heal from a divorce and coparent... yet watch your ex move on and be happy? That's torture!

I would say goodbye to phase 1 of your divorce with co-living and hello to phase 2 of divorce living in separate households so you don't have to watch her moving on... and so that YOU CAN FOCUS ON YOU MOVING ON... and heal your heart, and take great care of YOU and be an amazing father and lover to someone new... having grown and evolved and learned from your first marriage.

My complementary report is a great place to start to find your masculine grounded power and freedom again... and for the most efficient and tender supportive way to go through this, have me as your coach and partner in healing in a series of coaching sessions. Email my [email protected] and request a strategy session to see if you're a fit for me to invite you to work with me. This need not be so painful my friend. Yet going it alone during a stressful time makes this harder than they need to be. Open up and ask for support, and feel the amazing peace of having a healed heart and a bright future.

Huge love,

Allana xoxo

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