November 24, 2018 |

5 Ways to Make Talking about Sex a Success

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I adore you all! I LOVE our interactions, the comments, the emails. And a video I did before about 5 mistakes when asking for what you want in bed was so popular, that I thought I'd take the solution angle for this one and go a little deeper. It's important to stop what's not working, yet if you don't integrate what works in it's place, you're not going to have the hot erotic tender yummy sex that's possible with your partner (or frankly with yourself!! xoxo)

The video goes into detail with each of these topics, yet here is what to do to have successful conversations that are connected, honoring and produce the results in the bedroom you desire.

1. Stay in your heart

2. Breathe

3. Stay Curious

4. Heal your Shame

5, Talk!

Now, take baby steps and be kind with yourself. These tips are simple yet I have to admit they're not easy, especially when you are afraid of being rejected, when past memories come up, when you're not wanting to hurt another's feelings. Yet they do work so stay calmly committed to shifting the way you communicate to a way that your partner can hear.

And if this is not going well and you require some support to facilitate the best results for you in your dating and relationship world, I would be honored to connect with you to see if we're a match for some coaching sessions. I'm humbled to say that lives alter when people work with me. It's a privilege to facilitate your healing and celebrate your magnificent results!!!! Sending you massive love and inspiration for your delicious life.

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