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3 Ways to Get Past Rejection

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Question: How do I get past being rejected by women because I'm an amputee?

Answer: First I am so sorry about being an amputee. That must provide so many challenges in life let alone dating. I honor the type of Soul you are that chose this challenge for your growth. I am honored to be in dialogue with you about this.

The way I see it, people who have taken on a life with more intense challenges are brave Souls who have chosen a life of great growth, evolution, spiritual development. The deeper the roots, the higher the shoots, yes? The more intense the challenge the greater the win.

That's not to say it's easy by any stretch... it's just to say that I refuse to treat myself or anyone as a victim of their circumstances. I can't 'prove' we chose our challenges, yet it's a hell of an empowering way to look at a things... and the result of this point of view is a bold free heart open unstoppable fulfilling life.

So it's possible you can't get past women rejecting you from being an amputee because you've defined yourself as an amputee. People define themselves as so many things that limit their confidence, self expression and capacity to receive love... I'm divorced, I have an STD, I am short, I was in special education and still think I'm dumb, I'm the wrong gender, wrong upbringing, wrong sexual desire, wrong culture... on some level we ALL come up with an excuse when things don't go our way. We defeat our original choice to have love when things don't go according to plan.

So what can we do?

See ourselves as conscious beings of choice.

See yourself as masterful in some areas and a student in other.

See yourself as worthy of love no matter what your circumstances.

If YOU don't have an issue being an amputee, you will vibrationally be a match for a woman who ALSO doesn't have an issue with it.

Lots of people reject me. Lots of clients reject me. Even project their anger or shame on me. It's part of shining fully.

It's not like it doesn't hurt... I just don't focus on it. I allow it to happen. I give myself a hug for being so brave. And I move on and focus on the clients who DO let me love them, support them, heal them and celebrate their wins and amazing results. I am kind and good to myself. It's a choice.

So love, what if you could come into complete peace, Oneness and Home with the Amputee Part Of You? What if the two of you were totally connected, non judgmental, unconditionally loving and were grateful for the lesson, gift and evolution of your Soul you've experienced because of what's happened... and be so in UNION that it didn't trigger you, make you pull back or even bother you if some else is uncomfy with your amputee? What if BEING that resonance about your amputee attracted a woman who also has no issue with it?

"How" you do that is what I call the Little You Process in week 3 of 7 in my Home Study program called Heart Splayed Wide Open. Everyone has a Little You they've disowned that's sabotaging their original decision to find Love. And everyone who goes through my program comes HOME to Little You. It's literally life changing.

Week 2 will also be helpful because it's about release ANGER in a lasting way. I call the process that week The Theatre of Redemption. I can't imagine the unfairness you may feel about being an amputee... that's a real emotion that needs to be processed so that you don't harbor any emotional triggers or resentments that will only attract like energies to your life.

The program is sensational to come HOME to you... your truest Beloved... SELF.

And when we have a strong intimate relationship with SELF, that's when we magically even effortless attract our ideal match.

I've even created a payment plan so it's even easier to begin your life changing work now. Short of working with me privately, this is my highest recommendation for you to heal from the rejection you feel from women... AND be your most Noble Badass Self, Amputee and All, and savor deep lasting hot healthy intimacy and love with your ideal beloved. You can invest in the program HERE.

Know I honor you, I champion you, I celebrate you and can't WAIT to hear the amazing results.

Huge love, Allana xoox

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