November 26, 2018 |

3 Hot Dating Rituals

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Question 1: Do you have a "night out with the wife" dating ritual that can make it more special for us?"

Question 2: Do you have any pre dating preparation rituals that can make the date go better?

I choose to combine these into 3 answers because even when you begin dating for a few months or when you get exclusive, the same insights apply even if you were married!

1. Imagine they died: (hang with me here, it's not as morbid as it seems!)

2. Element of Surprise: every woman loooooves a surprise...

3. Listen while getting ready:

a. Embracing the Sacred Erotic YOU

b. Scoring a Relationship

We spin so much in our busy lives. Thank you for asking about dating rituals, for simple moments can become something spectacular when you take the thought, time and heart...

Sending massive love and appreciation,

Allana xoox

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