Intimate Conversations with Dana Wilde

Dana Wilde totally rocks! I adore this woman… You can’t help but be happier around her because she just OOZES positivity.  Dana is all about mindset and why we get the results that we get in live. She believes that our thoughts are directly related to the results that we receive.

We talked about her amazing book, ‘Train Your Brain, which is a combination of easy-to-understand information explaining how your brain works and why you’re getting the results you’re getting, combined with easy-to-implement “Mindware Experiments” for creating change in your business and in your life.

Dana explained how the subconscious is actually running the show, but in actuality, we can change that by applying certain techniques (that she explains in her book) and see results right away.

You’re going to love what you learn and how you can easily apply this to change your thoughts, beliefs, actions, life and destiny! Learn how to REALLY “think positive”…  Check out Dana’s book right here!  Join us this Thursday at 4pm Pacific on Intimate Conversations Live & learn how Dana has helped her clients go from zero to millions in one year, overcome a multitude of obstacles and now live to their fullest capabilities, happier than ever!

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