The Four Agreements… with Relationships

A wonderful question came in from Andrew…

He asked:

Have you read the book “Four Agreements?”  The principals in the book are: 1.  Be impeccable with your word  2. Don’t take anything personally  3.  Do not make assumptions  4.  Always do your best.  My question is how to apply those principles in relationships – I think you would be especially able to answer this for me since you are well practiced at being in your own body and loving yourself, yet also know the pain and joy of connection with another.  How to “be” in the love and the heaven.


I went mostly into “Don’t take anything personally” in this video blog answer I created for you… yet to supplement what I spoke about on camera, let’s go into Be impeccable with your word. Clearly in relationships if you lie, withhold, avoid talking about the truth, then there isn’t any authenticity or intimacy to begin with and thus how can true connection occur?

Here’s the video:

Do not make assumptions is great for relationships, because it keeps us out of conclusion, out of strategy and open to limitless possibilities moment to moment. It allows us to see our partner with fresh eyes and non judgment, which allows them to show up differently then if we had preconceived notions of what they’d say.

Always do your best for relationships is great… and this doesn’t mean be perfect. It means in every moment be the best you, you can. Of course you know more today than you did last year, so there’s no sense beating yourself up for last year, just show up with all you know, all you are and all that’s possible NOW. It’s about giving each moment your fullest, vulnerably, honestly, authentically.

Of course as I always speak about with relationships, there’s no way to do this if you don’t have this relationship with yourself. So let thoughts pass on by that don’t nourish you, take the time to listen to your truth and honor it, stay open to life surprising  you and turning out better than you could ever imagine, and day to day, do your best to be YOU.

Might sound corny, but giving yourself a hug a day works for me, and a flirt in the mirror that I think I’m cute, and a slap on my butt in dance class to acknowledge I’m doing my best, and gratitude for all the ways I have the pleasure of connecting with YOU… this helps me Live my best most delicious life.
Coaching with me is part healing, part empowerment, part delicious naughtiness, part practical effective tips, tools and actions in your life, part exquisite connection to the cosmos where you never contract to the same vibration again… transformation… bursting out of the cocoon… revealing your true essence like the opening of an oyster delighting in the pearl that you truly are….
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