Week 23

1. Interview with Genevieve and Sabrina

This week, we hung out with Genevieve and Sabrina, a wonderful fun couple who have a hilarious story and share with us beautiful truths about life and their relationship. Genevieve says “we both know we don’t complete each other” and explains how their love is not based on needs and expectations. They have both learnt to first check-in within themselves before holding space for the other. They continuously share their inner processes while having a playful attitude towards life, “this is all game” and we get to play it every single day. Sabrina encourages every person to look in the mirror and love what one sees and adds that “in the heart of hearts, you know who you are and how you feel and who you want to love”.

Sit with your partner after watching this Intimate Conversation and share what this has awaken within you.




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