Week 46

1. Transformational Process: Full Body Oneness


This week we will discover a new path to orgasm that is not solely related to the genitals. I invite you to shift the focus from a genital only orgasm to full body orgasm or a full body oneness. There is nothing wrong with physical orgasms (those that happen at the level of the genitals) however these are limited. I invite you to experience a more energetic full body orgasm where you feel the expansion of your sexual creative energy through your whole body and even beyond our body. You can feel an extremely deep connection with your partner and with divinity. 


2. Conscious Connection: Zoom Live on Friday at 1 PM PST / 4 PM EST

Every Friday there is a Live Zoom for Conscious Communication Practices. Deeper roots create higher shoots. Connecting from an open heart, not a desperate mind…works. Connecting is the relationship. Communication is the relationship. Conversations Are the Relationship.

An email reminder will be sent to you on Friday with the Zoom link, keep an eye on your inbox and join Allana and your fellow HeartMates!r


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