FAQ Feminine Energy

1. Am I not allowing my beloved in because I’m trying to be Miss Perfect


2. Am I not meeting my beloved because I haven’t raised my vibration to his level yet



3. Can suppressing my power trigger depression



4. Can you give me some examples on finding my badass feminine power



5. Dealing with sexual shame



6. How can I be my best lover and attract a partner



7. How can I let go of mistrust in my relationship



8. How can I release doubt and fear around my desire to have a family with my beloved



9. How can I stop people-pleasing and be more open to connecting with others



10 How can I tell if he’s disrespecting me or not



11. How can it help for me to thank a chronic medical condition



12. How do I deal with disappointment when people don’t come through for me



13. How do I do the Theater of Redemption when I live where I can be overheard



14. How do I get more deeply in touch with inner wisdom and move on from a relationship



15. How do I gracefully end a first date that isn’t going well



16. How do I know when its okay to express anger



17. How do I let go of old relationship attachments



18. How do I manage my anger and understand what triggers me



19. how do I manifest what I want



20. how do I not be jealous of others



21. How do I process feelings of betrayal



22. How do I remain strong and confident around a strong personality



23. How do I witness and validate little me and still work on being healthier



24. How do you handle family members who don’t agree with your life choices



25. How does one do a job requiring emotional objectivity while keeping your heart open



26. how to manage anger from theater of redemption



27. I met this great guy but am now feeling anxious



28. Should I send a birthday card to my ex who hasn’t been responding to me



29. What are the qualities of the heart of a queen



30. What do I do when I am ready for a partner



31. What is a good way to share about my inner work



32. What is the connection between physical pain and what is happening in my life



33. What is the difference between self-care and self-love



34. When will I be ready for a soul-shaking relationship



35.Where does the anger energy from the week 4 exercise go



36. Why do I get attached to the wrong people and why cant I break up with them




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