I’ve done other work similar to this before but I felt like I needed more, to go more in depth and that’s how I felt before I met Allana and the Heartmates community. I felt like there was no way I could meet a life partner because I felt like I was lacking something. I felt stuck.

Now that I’ve met the community, coaching with Allana and doing the Heartmates curriculum I feel like I’ve progressed a lot. I have finally really forgiven people in my life and let that pain and anger go, which has been just great and life changing!

So immensely grateful for that! I’ve had amazing breakthroughs with myself now as an adult and with my Little You and finally felt like her and I integrated and when that moment happened it was just awesome!

I dream of a life with a Heartmate who shares the same values, who is as committed to working on himself as I’ll always be committed to work on myself.

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