Before I met Allana, I was working hard at cultivating better habits but the patterns of behavior that I tried to change kept coming back and I would make the same mistakes again and again leaving me feeling undisciplined, stuck in a rut, a fraud and a failure. Now, I allow myself to experience my emotions, integrate them and move to a more resourceful state. I am learning who I really am and less fearful of showing her to the world. I feel more, enjoy more, laugh more… I am more curious and listen more deeply… best of all, I take responsibility for all parts of me and my emotions.

The other immensely valuable gift is the community that Allana has created. The group sessions provide a safe, inspiring and nonjudgmental space to grow together. I love the richness, insights, wisdom, energy and humor of each session together. I feel a deep friendship with everyone and I look forward to it every week.

I can see myself adapting to change far more easily than I ever imagined, in a new career and living vibrantly well after my peers have retired. I see myself experiencing more joy in the moment even when things get hard. Best of all, I see myself living with passion, humor and gusto that I did not imagine was possible for me.

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