Working with Allana has made me feel amazing!!! When I started out, I was beating myself up everyday (Mentally), getting used by guys, and I was super unhappy. Just 3 months later I am a completely different person. Not only do I love myself so much more and rarely beat myself up, but I am starting to see the results out in the world as the universe has opened up to me as well. What Allana did was totally accept me for who I was, even though I thought I was worthless, she loved, accepted me and helped me see the wonderful person I truly am. The techniques that she used were specific for me and really found out where I was holding myself back and her visualizations, encouragement and advice really helped me break out of my bad cycles. The other thing that I really love about Allana is how personal she really makes every session feel, you are not just a number in her schedule, but someone that she is excited to work with and help. She answers emails promptly and the overall experience was just wonderful!!! Thank you so much Allana!!! Lots of Love.

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