When I first heard Allana, I immediately had an awareness that there would be something for me to garner from working with her. Despite my inner confidence, my brain was freaking out about what could come from looking in all my hidden closets, dark corners, under rugs, etc. Did I really want to go there? Was my current life “good enough”? No, it wasn’t. I decided that the possibility of creating an extraordinary life would be worth the risks. And now, in hindsight, I can honestly say I have no regrets. Not only did she guide me in breaking through the blocks I was aware of, but she discovered and addressed several other things I was completely unaware of that were having far-reaching detrimental effects on my life. And there was laughter. Even the midst of serious, intense conversations the soothing balm of humor brought healing and lightness into my heart and soul. I have set down loads of baggage and claimed my prosperous, joyful, extraordinary life. If your inner knowing is saying “yes” like mine was, I hope you will listen

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