Thank you so much for this amazing program!!! When I registered for your home study program, I had no idea how life-changing it would be. I have never gotten this much attention from men in my LIFE. I initially thought it was a mistake, but it started happening EVERYWHERE! I’ve never been checked out, smiled at, or asked out this much. In fact, I never used to get asked out at all. Now not only do I get asked out by men, but I also get invited out by my new friends more! In my last relationship I had isolated myself, and now I have friends that I love who lift me up and are SUPER fun to be around! My relationship with Little Me is amazing and has led to me accepting EVERY part of me. Especially the ones I used to judge and tell to shut up. AND I have never made this much money in my LIFE!!! I check in with my body before I make decisions to see if it feels good. I’m unapologetically me. And I have personal power like never before. I get to choose my experiences and how I want my life to be created. Thank you so much, Allana. <3 This never would have been possible without you. Like seriously, holy shit, thank you! Sending you all the love and hugs!!

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