When I came to Allana for help, I was really looking for tips to improve just my dating life. I was so frustrated and hurt that I had almost started hating women, accusing them of being over-rated and manipulative. That’s how shallow my beliefs were, that at times I even felt pathetic about myself. And right when I was about to fall of a cliff, an Angel by then name of Allana came and rescued me. I don’t know if its experience or just divine power, but she sees the truth like nobody else and completely understands you. This coming from a 23 year old, international student and culture that has very little in common. She, with all her loving and compassion, had immediately restored my faith in women, in the first call itself! I could completely open myself to her, that I felt vulnerable yet protected in her presence. And that’s when the healing work was so powerful. She also taught me what women really want in life and from their man. Allana is different and knows what it takes to be an outstanding man. You cannot procrastinate in this area, because like every other wound, your inner wound also gets worse with time, that it could get infected and septic, and could leave you with a scar for life. I encourage you, as responsible and superior men, to be honest and face reality completely, and if you ever have any doubts, Allana is that person you can count on.

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