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Stop Beating Yourself Up! Love Your Little You Starting Now

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Question: Allana, the other day you posted about self denial. How do you heal from this when your self denial caused a break up with a person you actually wanted to be with, and want to get back in your life?

Answer: Thank you for your question and I’m glad it showed you were your gap it to fill with healing from self denial. It sounds like you feel mad at yourself, ashamed, guilty, pissed at yourself that your self denial caused you to lose the one you loved, yes? Ouch. I hear you. That’s a lot to process. Let’s begin.

First, I’d like us to adopt the point of view that you always do your best, even when you fall down, mess up. Imagine a little baby crawling, standing up, falling down… we wouldn’t judge the baby as bad, wrong, stupid, right? We’d actually do the opposite, we’d celebrate it’s courage to explore and console them if they cried, and support them in getting back up, letting them grasp our fingers and they did their drunk walk until they got the hang of it, yes? Feel into the tenderness and kindness you’d give the baby, the soft smile, your reassuring glance, your caring fingers guiding yet not enabling them, letting them find their way, no biggie if they fall 100 more times, total certainty that they’ll get it eventually, right?

Then compare the way you’re treating yourself, the lack of kindness, tenderness and care for your evolution from crawling to walking… from self denial to honest courageous speaking of your truth and creating that which you desire. Did you not do your best in that moment given how you were raised, society, fears, limiting beliefs, past breakups and your spiritual evolution? Can you see yourself reaching down to hold you, hug you, console you, listen without fixing, and only when you’re ready and if you choose, offering your fingers to help you get back up, open your heart again and show up with more wisdom, awareness, courage and love for the journey, unattached to the result, always asking questions of how does it get even more rich, intimate and connected than this? What if this love you wanted to get back in your life was an angel in disguise, who unconditionally loved you and planted themselves in your life to awaken your self forgiveness, your courage and kindness to your Soul? What if they are a gift? What if YOU are a gift?

I hope the reading of my words helps. I hope the energetic transmission of my love, wisdom and care comes through. And often words are enough to shift our perception and open a new reality. Sometimes they open the wound more which is actually good, so the oxygen can get in and help it heal. In either case, if this experience isn’t alchemized into wisdom and courage to open your heart again and say what’s so in the moment, you will not be able to be present with your next love, for you’ll still be pining for your old love and beating yourself up for ‘falling down.’

In this case a potent love-life changing hour strategy session with me is the answer. When in my energy, we can clear away all limitations, return to your pureness with kindness and receive the lesson gift and wisdom this experience was offering. This will result in two things: either your raising in vibration, awareness will provide the space for Phase II in this relationship, or you will attract an even more aligned, delicious magnificent partner to explore the adventure of life with. Either way you’ve won. Either way going inside to shift, will shift your outer world with grace. And I’ve be privileged to show you the way.

Know you are adored, great love,

Allana ~xoxo

p.s. Go book your single session and let’s create some magic.

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