Trusting Again After a Relationship Ends

Question: How do I trust women again after a breakup?

Answer: This is the most common challenge my clients face. They struggle giving their power away to women and settle. They agonize if they’ve done the right thing breaking it off or should have stayed longer. They have incessant doubt and a heightened fear of rejection. Yet what they really want is a deeply fulfilling connection passionate long term partnership.

When I take men through my Find your Perfect Mate breakthrough session, what I find is that most of the time, the person they have the hardest time trusting, is themselves. All their doubt, fear and internal bashing turns off their masculine instincts and they’re sitting ducks to be used by the next woman, or they simply attract their match, a woman who is doubtful of them, fearful of them cheating on her, and her own internal bashing quite often lashes out again them… which FURTHER makes these men put up walls of distrust… FURTHER cutting them off from their deep masculine knowing!

So how to you trust yourself again? How do you trust women again? How do you fully claim your badass grandeur? A great question to ask is, “What would I know about my last relationship, if I’d stop hitting myself over the head with a 2×4 about it?” Basically what this means is that when we judge ourselves, it clouds our awareness, it cuts off our intuition, it eliminates your capacity to trust your decisions. (More life changing tools are found in my free report to help eliminate your struggle with trusting women.)

Back to the question… You may see that you didn’t speak your truth, you didn’t show up authentically in your sexual desires, you were afraid of rejection so you never followed your dream, you gave away your power to get attention… the GOOD news is you can do the work to heal all of that, to learn, change and grow.

My genius is healing divorced men’s hearts, curing their nice guy, awakening their badass nobility, so they can have the deeply fulfilling long term passionate partnership they deserve. I believe in you. Huge blessings, Allana

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