To Date You, I Give Up Me

This question came from one of my glorious audience members at MeetMindful:

Question: Allana, I lose myself when I date someone! What is it going to take for my life to thrive with a partner? 

Answer: So you begin dating someone new and lose yourself in the process. What’s really behind all this?

It’s normal, yet not healthy to lose ourself and neglect our work, friends or health when we start dating someone new… In my video, I explain reasons of the WHY and some tips to help you regain balance AND have a sensational relationship with this amazing new person!

I also go through the different fears that take us out of balance where we lose ourselves or our health for our friendships or work when we fall madly in love with someone. I show you how to have it all, balance AND your beloved… And yet it will take you expanding beyond where you are now and I know you can do it! I’m here to show you how!!!

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