Is She Too Good For Me?

Question:  Allana, what if she’s Out of my League? 

Answer: According to WHO? Tell me more, please! Your point of view creates your reality. Are you living on other peoples opinions, or societies beliefs? The first thing I want to say to you is, question where in the world the idea came from in the first place. If there is a limiting belief in there, can we please flush it down the toilet? I don’t think we are looking for “status”, I think we are looking for LOVE. Right?

Take a peek at my video and find out out how I explain how to connect with a woman (or man) that you feel may not be “totally” right for you because you may feel you don’t match up to your “potential’s” expectations. But you do!  And make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you never miss an update.

P.S. I LOVE you all so ridiculously much and I ADORE your questions! If you have a question for me, comment below, email me, or ask me on Twitter @AllanaPratt and just use #AllanaQandA.

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