How Can I Reclaim My Masculine Energy After a Divorce?

How Can I Reclaim My Masculine Energy After a Divorce?

Question: Allana, I’m having trouble being assertive, turning heads as a man since my divorce. I now don’t have faith in myself. What should I do?

Answer: I LOVE your question! It’s a good sign that your reaching out and showing courage and determination. Think of it like this… YOU are a KING. Even a king needs help running his kingdom, as he has a group of advisors. So start off by recognizing where you are totally rocking it!

Then, think about where you’re NOT and get some help, support and team mates in that department. Such as a coach, like myself. Sometimes we need help from someone else who an see the blind spots that we don’t see, in order to shift things.

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Deliciously yours,

Allana ~xoxo

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