Feel Like a Common Law Wife but Zero Benefits!

Q:   My mister and I have been together for over seven years. We raise two inspiring boys and have a supportive, healthy, honest relationship. My only hangup: marriage has become a huge point of contention between us. We talk about it from time to time, but it almost always escalates to arguing. I want to feel complete and happy without a ring, but I’m having a hard time not taking it personally. I want to accept the present moment, but I don’t want to let go of my dream. Help!

A:  I hear ya sister! I am curious about a few things: A) What do you think marriage will bring? B) What’s missing without marriage? C) What specifically makes you feel sad, crushed, angry? If you are clear on how you’re feeling and engage in conversation with him NOT with an attachment to marriage, instead with a vulnerable, honest sharing of how you’re feeling… we might unveil some clues…

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