When Mama’s Happy, Everybody’s Happy

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Regain Your Sanity, Release Guilt & Restore Your Deliciousness

Are you one of the millions of moms who yearn for more ME time, have lost your identity and passion for life, are feeling lonely in your marriage, or are a single mom like me?

This happens so easily when we act on automatic pilot, trying to keep it together.

I lose myself by being only in the role of mom, and I can’t reconnect to my inner priestess, sultry siren or badass business diva, and then I struggle.

Sometimes I can’t see beyond the laundry to my true purpose on the planet.

I feel so schleppy and out of touch with fashion that I don’t even want to try to dress well.

I am running so fast, spinning from summer camp to the dry cleaners, that I forget to really connect, really breathe, slow down, open, and appreciate myself and the moment, so that I surrender enough to FEEL the universe is on my side … allowing myself to be held, loved, and cherished like I truly want to be.


Are you ready to change that?

To experience your luscious, juicy, radiance from the inside out?

To learn how to stay connected with your intuition and true feminine power?

To live your birthright … be an empowered, confident, grounded, happy, glorious mom?

You’ll find the magic pill on the inside back cover of this book …

Ha! Gotcha! I wish.

No, there’s no magic pill, yet there is a magic recipe. It’s worked for me, my clients, and community. And it will work for you.

Read these stories, follow these practices, and be open to small shifts and luscious miracles.

Remind yourself you’re filling up your tank first for your own inner happiness and joy, so you can share from the overflow with your family.

Reconnect with your sensual nature for the juicy, luscious joy of loving being a woman. Then share that radiance with your partner, kids and the world by being YOU every day.

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