How to Be and Stay Sexy

Attracting the Love & Attention You Deserve Being Exactly Who You Are

Why do some women find attracting quality men so difficult, while others are practically drowning in potential suitors?

Allana Pratt explains that it’s because women attempt the impossible, being who they are told to be vs being exactly who they are. Our culture consistently gives women the impression that by behaving a certain way and offering men what society tells us these men want, women can secure a man who provides security, affection, and lasting companionship.

But no one can actually change their Soul’s essence, their heart’s Truth. And women who try to do so create an impression of insecurity and desperation that is inherently unattractive to other people, particularly those who might be potential partners.

It can often seem that the women who attract the most men are those who simply aren’t trying to be appealing at all.

That’s only half true, Allana explains. Those women aren’t trying to be appealing to men. They’re committed to be appealing to themselves. Men are attracted to the security, confidence, and inherent happiness that are the natural side effects of changing to please oneself.

In How to Be and Stay Sexy, Allana breaks down the psychological and emotional reasons for stopping the ultimate destructive cycle: trying to change to please a man, only to find that men still find you unappealing.

Using both personal and professional anecdotes to illustrate her points, Allana creates a compelling argument for true self-love, deep compassion, sacred sensuality and celebration of sisterhood so that women no longer fall prey to destructive cycles of the past.

Allana also helps them see that to find the ultimate partner in life and love, they need to traverse a counterintuitive path: instead of forging toward the man of their dreams, women truly need to go deeper into themselves.

Read and see as Allana tells the truth about why men stop looking at us and how to prevent this from ever happening to you again. Learn practical tools such as Allana’s 30 second expansive practice that transforms feelings of insecurity and unworthiness into feelings of unshakable confidence and radiance.

Exhale into your radiant feminine power as Allana shares how truly simple it is to be the one that wins his attention every time, with absolutely NO manipulation. JUST pure glorious luscious YOU.

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