How To Be A Noble Badass

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Escape the Friend Zone, Awaken Your Masculine Grandeur & Claim the Woman of Your Dreams

Year after year, I’m blown away by how phenomenal the men that I work with are.

You know what I’m talking about — because you’re one of them.

Men from around the world, just like you, who are courageous, heart-centered, willing to do the work, and prepared to get vulnerable.

The world is calling for you to show up, but not power through, push harder, and use your willpower, because that just doesn’t work.

The world is calling you to feel your feelings … so you can heal them.

The world is calling for you to integrate your wounds into superpowers; to turn fear into fuel, panic into power, shame into compassion, regrets into gratitude.

The world is asking you to not just cognitively analyze, but to embody the truth: the very worst can bring out the very best in you. There is a silver lining in every dark cloud. That everything, (yes, even THAT thing), happened for you not against you.

The world is calling for you to show up, heart open as a noble badass, to protect those in need and provide your genius to awaken consciousness.

I honor you because you’ve already shown up just by choosing How To Be A Noble Badass! In these pages I’m going to share with you something that another man can’t teach you. But, let’s be clear. I’m not saying I could hold a candle to a what a solid male mentor could provide in your life. Yet what I can offer you is an awakening of something in you that another man just isn’t wired to ignite — how to be a Noble Badass is the secret to getting a great woman to say Yes.

And this is only the beginning of what we can do together.

What I really hope to impart to you, and inspire in you, is the desire to stop seeking more accomplishments, more achievements, more security on the outside, or more appreciation or acknowledgements of being good enough. I invite you to BE who you already are, (yes, you’re already a Noble Badass). You can choose to experience Home in your body, exquisite Oneness with Life, and intimate communion with your Beloved.

Have you ever been making love, or even looking at her as you take out the garbage, noticing the way the sunset’s hues are reflected in her hair, and it hits you: bliss. You don’t know where you end and she begins. All you know is that you are One. Pure Rapture. Just for a split second. In my coaching practice, this is what’s required for you to become a true King, and find your perfect-for-you Queen. It’s the ability to discover, embody, and call forth BLISS from within you … share it with her … and awaken it from deep within her.

And just imagine what else is possible beyond that.

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