From Heartbreak to HeartMates

From Heartbreak to HeartMates: Discover Lockdown Love

In this book, I’m responding directly to address the massive isolation, lack of touch, and hopelessness my community is experiencing. We’re navigating an intense mental health crisis where many report feeling nervous to date during a pandemic yet simultaneously feeling more disconnected, lonely, and desperate than ever for true love.

This book is for the souls willing to bravely feel their feelings, lean in, release being a lone ranger and open vulnerably to the partnership, who have embraced lockdown as a time to go within, get clear on what really matters, and do the work to become HOME ITSELF within their being, for those willing to learn how to communicate effectively with an open heart, even when they’re scared, uncertain or overwhelmed.

It’s for the souls who are unwilling to grasp for a partner through desperation knowing that’s a train wreck waiting to happen, and instead choose a partner who does the inner work too, so as to ignite each other’s evolutionary spark and awaken their most resilient, humble, dignified and fully alive Self NOW… to find their ideal partner and be a force of positive change in a world that so dearly needs it.

For you beautiful exquisite souls, I bow deeply, I honor your courage, I celebrate your bravery. I shall humbly and potently share what’s worked for me, for thousands of clients and I know will work for you. I invite you to let go of preconceived notions, release attachments to the result, listen with your deepest essence, and welcome the energy in these words to heal, nourish, sustain and fuel your glorious journey Home to You, Home to your HeartMate, and Home to being Fully Alive.

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