Finding ‘The One ‘Is Bullsh*t
BECOMING ‘The One’ is Brilliant & Beautiful


And ironically the key to attracting your ideal partnership

Isn’t it wild how technology connects us more than ever, yet many of us feel more disconnected, separate and alone?  

I’ve been privileged to coach thousands of people who struggle with the same core wound… How do I trust again after my heart’s been crushed? How do I find The One? 

First, I tell them to find The One, you have to BECOME The One. I know they’d probably prefer I say,  Take this pill and call me in the morning, yet it doesn’t work like that. You’ve got to discover what I call your B Spot, not your G Spot, your Intimacy Blind Spot. 

After over 10,000 hours of supporting people who were hesitant to open their heart again after heartbreak, I’ve discovered that even smart, successful, growth oriented people have intimacy blindspots that destroy relationships leaving them feeling depressed and ready to give up on love…. forever. Or endure a shitty relationship, settling for years, anything rather than be alone… or even worse, dying alone. 

Yet it doesn’t have to be that way. Intimacy issues actually boil down into a few common blind spots that once healed, allow deeply connection to thrive. I’ve watched people go…

From getting repeatedly blindsided by narcissists to being honored and cherished by a noble trustworthy partner… 

From attracting the same emotionally unavailable cheaters to attracting a healthy, available, heart centered partner… 

From having shameful erectile issues to being potent not only in the bedroom but also in their careers…  

From feeling terrified as an aging single woman that her eggs will shrivel up so they endure repeated unsuccessful expensive IVF treatments to meeting a solid, reliable partner desiring kids now and getting pregnant… 

From feeling fat, invisible and washed up to having their first orgasm, even becoming multi orgasmic…  

From feeling lonely, depressed and suicidal to feeling more at home in their heart, body and life than ever before.

The list goes on and on… and it ALL started with letting go of finding The One and instead focusing on BECOMING The One.  You see bottom line Intimacy is an inside job. Yes it’s about your romantic relationships, yet it’s also about your relationship with your self, your body, your sexual expression and with Life Itself.

Once you breakthrough your Intimacy Blindspot, you too can feeling confident, vibrant, sexy and alive which ironically is the key to attracting your ideal partner or igniting your current partnership. 

I guarantee after reading this book, digesting the insights, doing the practices, literally receiving the healing energy of my words, intensions and 20 yrs of experience, you’ll be WAY MORE than one step closer to having the intimacy, healthy communication and deep connection you desire. Don’t let another moment go by being blocked by your blindspot. Your ideal partner could be right in front of your face and you’ll miss them! Or your blindspot will make you literally invisible to them, and they will pass you by. 

Change that. BECOME The One and ironically attract or awaken your ideal partnership today. 

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