Candid Confessions: This is what happened. Again.

Candid Confessions: This is what happened. Again.


I believe breakups, divorces and infidelity nightmares come down to a lack of intimacy in relationships, which of course comes down to a lack of intimacy with ourselves.

We’re all doing our best, yet when any of us get close to the core vein of pain, that childhood wound, that traumatic nervous system response… our survival mechanisms of blame, stonewalling or disassociation often take over.

Life has always given me clues to follow the path of healing. From my first wealthy husband to coaching Lisa Gibbons through Dancing with the Stars, to hosting sex education videos for the Sinclair Institute, to being interviewed by David de Angelo for Double your Dating… everything has helped me grow personally and become an even better facilitator of healing to my VIP clients. I certainly teach what I’m here to learn! Vulnerability meets credibility as we all ascend together.

In this solo episode I also discussed…

-My second marriage and divorce, coupled with my mom’s death and a lengthy custody battle… and how this prepared me to serve my clients more deeply as they felt safe, heard, and understood.

-The unexpected discovery of level 4 trauma hyper vigilantly looping in my body, revealed when my last boyfriend was arrested for criminal assault. Integrating my shame allowed me to serve several VIP clients who finally felt safe revealing the unspeakable in their lives.

-How many of my VIP clients have so much on the line, so much fear of public humiliation, loss of status, reputation, assets… yet they see that intimacy issues may feel like a crisis but are actually a birth of their soul’s deepest truth and their most aligned purpose on the planet.

-When we stop trying to solve problems of the heart, with the head… when we stop running from our intimacy issues and instead slow down to feel seen heard and understood… then the transformational healing can begin.

There’s no perfect time. It takes bravery and a dose of humility. I invite you to choose now as the time to end the suffering before it gets worse so that you can live unapologetically and cultivate the soul shaking intimacy you deserve.

Bravo to every single one of my courageous clients for the past 20 years who sit in the fire, face their fears head on and allow me to facilitate a journey of turning lead into gold, fear and to power, shame into confidence, betrayal into forgiveness, lost into found, home in their heart, their body and their soul.

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