Michael Anthony

Michael Anthony


Holy shit. I don’t think I’ve ever had an interview like this before. I wanted to stop the interview my stomachache was so bad. But I sat in the fire asking, what is it that I couldn’t stomach? And then compassion began to arise. I continued to ask questions and invite the conversation into the heart. And then I heard in my being, a friend Carolyn who’s passed… a time when she asked me a really tough question that supported the shift in the trajectory of my life. And so, I asked him the same question. I said things almost as if I was channeling some divine mother energy. My voice was so soft and caring… yet also fiercely loving. I’m still a little shaken. And proud that I stuck with it in my heart’s truth. I would really like to know what you think, would it bring up for you, what you sensed. Great love, Allana xox


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Meet Michael

Michael was born to a hyper-abusive drug addict mother who cut his finger off at 4 years old, a stepfather you pray you never have, and a racist grandmother that pushed him into an identity crisis. By the time he was 9, his family was in poverty and often homeless all while being member of the Mormon Church. At twelve, he was adopted by his grandmother and quickly turned to drugs and alcohol to survive the continuing abuse. Despite multiple learning disabilities and not graduating high school on time, Michael found success in Corporate America in his early twenties. However, success only made things worse. Michael found himself morbidly obese, high and drunk daily, and ultimately self-sabotaging everything around him. it was not until finding his inner power through his Mirror Moment and choosing to do whatever it took to work through childhood trauma that his life really began. Michael Unbroken is the author of the best-selling book Think Unbroken and is a coach, mentor, and educator for adult survivors of child abuse. Michael spends his time helping other survivors get out of “The Vortex” to become the hero of their own story and take their life back. Michael also teaches at Think Unbroken Academy and is on a mission to create change in the world.








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