Matt Helm

Matt Helm


What a yummy interview with a dear friend and colleague! Ahhh… he reminded me of “Slides” which you can learn more about how to manifest your goals… He spoke so eloquently about choosing relationship as the sacred vehicle for transformation. He had a KILLER insight into those of us who caretake, save, rescue being responsible FOR another vs. TO another. I adore the way he sees conflict as provoking one’s higher evolution… that rub or friction that creates breakthroughs. AND HE’S ENGAGED! I am so happy to have reconnected with my brother and dance with our passions to live our best lives, contributing to humanity. You will LOVE THIS! xox


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Meet Matt

Dr. Matt Helm is an Accelerated Evolution Guide, licensed professional counselor, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Erotic Blueprint™ Coach, Spiritual Intelligence Coach, Certified Health and Wellness Coach, and holistic stress management instructor. He is also a freedom and love warrior for Mother Earth and humanity. His business centers on his firm belief that freedom is the new wealth and Truth is The New Sexy. Dr. Matt melds Eastern wisdom and Western psychology to guide individuals to discover their own unique voice of truth and its expression in sex, intimacy, romance, business, love, and purpose. Dr. Helm believes that the deepest, most intimate relationship you will ever have is with yourself. You are the one you’ve been waiting for! Dr. Matt is the creator of the signature talk, “Evolutionary Sex, Love, and Intimacy; Four Keys to Extraordinary, Hot, Conscious and Sacred Relationships” and the powerful programs “Love Unleased”, and “Healing after Heartbreak”. Dr. Matt shares his expertise with individuals, couples, and aspiring leaders. From trauma recovery to intimacy coaching, Dr. Helm believes that clarifying one’s inner path – psychological, emotional, and spiritual – is the way to promote both internal well-being and external success. Dr. Matt has a PhD in Higher Education from the University of Arizona where he focused on Professional identity, leadership, and organizational psychology. Dr. Matt received his MA in College Student Development from Michigan State University and a BA in Psychology from Michigan State University.
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