Juliette Karaman

Juliette Karaman


Oh my goodness it was so delicious to reconnect with Juliette. We both went through master coach training together and it had been 2 years. We spoke of how she’s integrated so much grief over the years, so much shame into the capacity to handle it all and know that the past does not define her. We spoke of her being a dominatrix, of orgasmic meditation, of how she invites her partner to provide a “body reveal” when he says I love you, and how she takes the last week of every month off. We spoke of her recent operation and how it was an invitation to surrender, a time of restoration and trusting herself. Not only will the information and insights be inspiring, the energy in this conversation is deeply delicious and will support you in knowing, you’ve got this.


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Meet Juliette

Juliette Karaman is a coach, teacher, mentor, and writer on relationships, trauma, healing, sex, and intimacy. Very rich credentials, from diploma in psychology, special needs education to tantra teaching and sexology bodyworker training (and so much more). She herself is a trauma survivor so is deeply attuned to what her clients go through and has them understand the connection between the psyche and their bodies. She specializes in how to move on from sexual trauma to rebuild an intimate relationship again, guiding her clients through carefully curated processes that restore trust and communication. Merging her decade of conscious sexuality with the ability to hold deep space has her clients regain confidence in their bodies, psyche, and relationship to themselves. She also is a mother of 4, which, I believe adds a whole extra layer to her wisdom.








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