July 1, 2012 |

Intimate Conversations with Jordan Harbinger

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Jordan Harbinger from The Art of Charm joined me this week on Intimate Conversations LIVE. I think the component that stands out the most to me in the program that Jordan offers at the Art of Charm is the brotherhood... he does programs like I do programs, yet the whole Alumni thing, keeping the men connected and coming back, that really is fabulous. Men committed to being their best selves and hanging out with other men that do as well, to me that is solid and what this world requires!

Read more about The Art of Charm below!

The Art of Charm is a team of lifestyle coaches and social dynamics instructors. We teach the skills to become successful in both business and life, with an emphasis on social interactions. In short, we teach guys to be the best man that they can be - confident, charismatic, sexy and living the life they know they deserve. We help men resurrect the lost art of conversation and teach them how to use humor, conversational agility and (most importantly) their body language to become master communicators–guys that are equally comfortable regaling a dinner party and enchanting a beautiful woman.

We help guys awaken the primal masculinity that modern society seems to have forgotten–that sense of drive and purpose that makes a man fearless, allowing him to relentlessly pursue that which makes him happy, whether that’s going after the girl he likes, getting the promotion at work, or even running with the bulls in Spain.

We help men discover the mindsets that will unleash the natural leader within. And this isn’t the arrogant “alpha male” that is constantly bragging about his achievements and putting others down. We’re talking about a true “high value man.” A guy that’s confident, kind and chivalrous. A man that is truly irresistible to women, but one that also fosters respect and admiration from his peers.

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