Client Amanda’s Story & Healing Tools That Work

Client Amanda’s Story & Healing Tools That Work


Oh, how I love this woman! I love how she explained her desire for evolution and being sacredly challenged to keep discovering more of who she is and what’s possible. I so appreciate her bravery to feel and to let it be OK that she navigates death in her own unique brilliant way. I love how being on Team Allana and doing my coaching processes with my coaches has contributed to her integrating trauma to speak up, let go, and literally manifest an epic relationship and move to a new State. The way she guides and inspires the team is nothing short of breathtaking. We all feel so held and supported by her. Everyone is upleveling their contribution because of her leadership. I love how quickly she courageously drops into truth. I’m the luckiest woman alive that she has my back.

We also discussed…

– How operating on top of unprocessed emotions doesn’t work
– How sitting in the fire and being patient with her man gave her everything she desired and more
– How being on a team where everyone is safe to be vulnerable and inspired to be excellent, is pretty epic.


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Amanda Tunison is an accomplished operations manager and assistant, currently working with Allana Pratt at Celebrate the Process II. Born and raised in California, Amanda attended Colorado State University, where she earned her degree in Directing.

Amanda has always been passionate about music, enjoys attending concerts and festivals and discovering new music. When she’s not busy working, Amanda can often be found exploring new places, dancing with friends, or in nature.

Amanda’s diverse interests and experiences have shaped her into a well-rounded and dynamic individual. Her dynamic energy, strong work ethic and attention to detail have made her a valuable asset to the team at Celebrate the Process II, where she continues to make a positive impact on the company’s operations.








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