Season 9

Welcome to Intimate Conversation Podcast: October 2020

October 3rd, Journey Back: Evan Marc Katz – Intimate Conversations Live
Once again he proved how profoundly amazing he is and how he has the tips, techniques, and true understanding of what smart, successful women want and need. He has the dating prowess to talk the talk and walk the walk and as a woman I learned so much about his perspective.

October 10th, Patrick and Sam Cullinane, From Miserable to Magnificent
They shared about how their prior wounds and unconsciousness led to arguments, distance, blaming and eventually divorce; yet the darn papers never got filed!

October 17th, Journey Back – Orgasms
I am sharing my truth with you about my journey from never having orgasms, to only with a vibrator, to dancing or giving oral sex, to achieving full and absolute pleasure.

October 24th, Journey Back – Sharon Wilson
Looking back at this delicious interview, I was totally blind-sided by the profundity of Sharon’s request to make a written agreement with the Universe to be in partnership. I had no idea that while I was asking questions to the Universe, I still had it that it was ALL up to me.

October 31st, Debi Silber, From Surviving Betrayal to Trusting Again
What a story Debi has. Betrayed by her husband, all she learned in her PhD about betrayal, about post betrayal transformation (as opposed to resilience), the 5 stages of healing (different than the 5 stages of grief), and how betrayal effects us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

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