Vulnerability is the New Sexy

Our truth, rawness, and purity is the essence of our being.  In my interview with Mindalia TV, I inspire those listening to live open-hearted, unapologetic, authentic lives.

Our creative power and ability to connect authentically comes from standing solid and softly transparent. It is our unique Self that attracts our ideal romantic partners, true friends and best professional clients. When we put down our masks, open our hearts and shine our true essence with intuitive discernment… the world is our oyster.


  1. May I Express my personal intimacy about and is their any rules I should abide by. I am 61 years old man and still looking. I don’t want to take up of your time. That’s why I making a different personal intimacy a day because of women and girls in my life even though I was never in a relationship with a girl or woman before but spent a lot of time with a lot of girls women in my life. But spent a lot of time with boys and men and notice the difference between the two genders and it shames my own. That is why deserve to express my shame of my gender and my sensibility of the other and my personal intimacy.

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