Intimate Conversations – Highlights with Whitney Freya

Intimate Conversations – Highlights with Whitney Freya

The Universe is ALWAYS providing, even when it doesn’t feel like it. It knows exactly what you need at the exact right time. I say this because this week on Intimate Conversations Live, Whitney Freya…. Just being there with her, allowed this whole other creative side to come out of me. I never knew it was there! Not significantly anyway.

So, I was having an OFF day; I went through the motions on autopilot for most of the day and then, decided to push everything else away, until later and I took a nap. However, I remembered that Whitney gave me the BEST advice so I got my second wind and got up!

She told me to close my eyes and let my mind create an image, concentrating on my goal. Imagine each and every piece, come to actualization, fusion and manifestation and then to visualize. That “doodle” as she calls it, is key in understanding what’s blocking you and I realized that mine was about giving. I needed to take a break to refuel my soul before I could GIVE anymore! Wow! It was dead on…

Listen to the replay to find out how you can benefit from this exercise! Enliven your connection to your subconscious, awaken your creative muse!

If you missed us this week, I urge you to at least check out Whitney’s website and her Life Canvas: listen to the replay

For more info. on this luscious Goddess, check out her bio below:

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Whitney Freya (formerly Whitney Ferre) is becoming widely known as a muse for guidance in ways to tap into creativity as a pure language of the soul. She is also a mother of three teenagers, a motivational speaker, creative muse & teacher, and corporate creativity trainer.

Whitney is the author of two books on creativity,The Artist Within, A Guide to Becoming Creatively Fitand33 Things to Know About Raising Creative Kids(endorsed byDan PinkandMichael Gelb).

Her unique application of art making to the “art of living” has garnered her national attention onCBS News, Martha Stewart Radio, &HGTVamong others. To this day, she continues to take creative risks and is devoted to helping people use “art making” as a spiritual practice and expressive living.

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