This week of Brave, Bold & Raw was intense, enlightening, and full of deliciousness! I’ve really been looking forward to this week, because we finally get to hear from a few of our brilliant and sexy… MEN! Yum! Everyone was so amazing, and I’m really grateful for each and every moment!
Here are some highlights from Day 15 through Day 18…

CharlesOrlandoDay 15 – The super smart Charles Orlando, who is an active member of Mensa (“the High IQ Society”) told us all about his wild ride going from being a “bad boy” to relationship expert. He said that he used to be an @ssh*le who would coerce women into bed, until he met a woman who made him want to explore the realms of love, integrity, honer and trust, and eventually became his wife. He explained that he was tired of “outsourcing his humanity.” That’s so bold! Charles also told us all about his book,REBOUND-O-RAMA: Getting Over Getting Over It, and how it was influenced by his need to get to the core of himself and do some rebuilding, which then transformed into coaching others. I love him! And, so do his fans, as he has an average of 990 “likes” and 120 comments per post on his Facebook page, which he personally manages.

MG_0871Day 16 – The incredible Suzanne Raja and I got very real and raw! She has been one of my teachers and mentors, and I just adore her! Did you know she is a native Jamaican? How cool! Suzanne explained that, “The thing that you most resist is the thing that will save you” and also practices dancing for pleasure, dancing for herself, dancing for those who can’t as a blessing, and dancing for the bad to release negativity. She said that you have to dance all emotions, good and bad because “each note in the rhythm is part of the music.” And, the fabulous Suzanne answered the KEY question: Why are people so miserable when there is so much information out there? The answer? You’ll have to watch or listen to the replay!

IMG_20130521_170444Day 17 – Christian Marchegiani the Australian HOTTIE, told us that he used to be overweight and suffered from depression and bullying. Hard to believe, right? He also told us that this caused him to be a troubled teen and ended up in court, where he was given the option of joining the Army, going to jail or taking boxing lessons. He chose boxing! Yay, because this led him to all of the amazing things that he has done, like the Anti Bullying organization ‘Underdogs’, his company THUMP, Coaching on the 9 Network’s Excess Baggage TV series, and hosting ABC Grandstand’s Live Fit radio program… And the list goes on. Holy crap! Christian shared with us that when he was younger he never had a girlfriend because he was always the ‘friend’ or ‘brother’ and didn’t have confidence because he was overweight and felt unattractive. All of that sure has changed now! Confident, well dressed, in shape, and educated! He’s so impressive… I could have kept this interview going forever, just to listen to that accent!
Nassim-HarameinDay 18 – Nassim Haramein is so sweet and was so patient with me… I totally had to re-take the entire interview because I had technical difficulties! He is also pretty much a genius and explained to us how came up with a formula that has proven that we are all truly connected. He also explained what that discovery means to our conscious unfolding, to the planet, to our true capacity to generate and create a phenomenal life. Nassim also told us how all of this relates to love and connectivity between us as human beings, and that we are really never separated but just growing and evolving. It’s really quite magical! Then Nassim answered the question: What’s the single most important practice we can do to support our lives and the planet? You’ll have to check out the replay to get the answer! I love it!
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