June 13, 2024 |

S12 | Intimate Conversations: Devotion to Love Being the First to Own it with John Wineland Part 1

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Blown away, as I'd imagined, by return guest John Wineland. Right out of the gate as I expressed the theme of the month with turning anger into fierce love, John took us deep into the energy of anguish, where anger and grief combine. He’s right—beneath my anger is a desire to sob, and I did shed tears during this podcast. He explained how, through yogic practice, widening our anger allows us to reconnect with our hearts, making authentic anguish more accessible and receivable by our partners.

In this extraordinary conversation, we also discussed:

* Being with the feminine storm without tolerating wound dumping or ambushing the masculine with anger.
* Accepting that we'll fail in intimacy practice and need to recommit.
* Admitting we often don’t want to hear our partner's experience during repair and how to change that.
* Using specific communication practices from John's Embodied Relationship Experience platform, like starting with, "I know you never want to hurt me."
* Our shared experience of conscious uncoupling and how John coached me to invite deeper completion.
* John's offerings, including his Embodied Relationship Experience platform and 5th Teacher Training, to help people embody love and experience fulfilling relationships.

About John: John Wineland, an author, teacher, and speaker, guides men and women in life purpose, relational communication, spiritual intimacy, sexual intimacy, and embodiment. His multi-faceted approach combines energetic and practical methods, drawing from over 30 years of Buddhist meditation and 13 years of Yogic Intimacy practice. Influenced by Vajrayana, Tantra, Kundalini yoga, and Qigong traditions, John creates profound experiences for those longing to express their deepest desires with open, fierce, and loving hearts.

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