May 30, 2024 |

S12 | Intimate Conversations: Clients Amanda & Brandon’s Stories & Healing Tools That Work

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OK why is it that I lose my shit and cry my face off with grateful happy tears every time I talk to these two? I loooove them. Their bravery, willingness to do the work, to feel and stay connected to themselves and one another, their team mentality, their assuming the best with one another even when triggered, their honoring of each other's feelings... They are nothing short of inspirational. In this absolutely transparent and real podcast we also discussed... The power of consistently making time for one another being alone even with 2 little kiddos... The literal transformational experiences my annual intimacy retreats are for their souls, their marriage and their future... How having a third party who unconditionally loves you with zero judgment and believes in your capacity to heal, provides the secret sauce to keep going. How being a part of a community coaching with like hearted people provides consistently growth and fuels breakthroughs that create the relationship of their dreams... How because they have integrated wounds, forgiven each other for real, and are able to feel their feelings and stay present... now they're truly able to dream together and vision a life that works for both of them...

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