July 4, 2024 |

S12 | Candid Confessions: I finally met the one…ME!

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In this episode, I share personal and professional stories to best answer your wonderful questions and support your intimate relationships in thriving.

Your first question was: How can I communicate my need for reassurance to my partner without seeming needy or dependent?

I discussed the difference between need and needy, and how discovering the source of our communications changes everything. We can connect from emptiness or wholeness, manipulation or invitation, attachment to results or allowance of all.

Your second question was: Can you suggest ways to manage my anxiety about love and rejection that allow me to enjoy a deeper connection with my partner?

I shared that you can't be rejected if you don't reject yourself. Rejection might sting, but it’s only debilitating when we've already rejected our own soul. Anxiety about the outside fades when we feel safe and solid inside. Connecting deeply with ourselves helps us connect better with our partner, making them feel safe and understood.

Your third question was: How can I rebuild trust in myself and my worthiness of love, especially if I've been hurt in past relationships?

I talked about breakthroughs in self-worth during my coaching programs, especially with the Psychedelic Somatic Protocol. Trust in oneself transforms life, making every decision less terrifying. Trusting yourself brings resilience, gratitude, and deeper connections with others.

The path to intimacy and relationships involves becoming your own beloved. You’re amazing, and it’s about time you agree! If living with your heart open and trusting yourself is your next step, I'd love to connect. There is a scholarship for listeners of Intimate Conversations for an Intimacy Breakthrough Experience call with me. Looking forward to connecting, humongous love, Allana XOX

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