March 15, 2023 |

S11 | Psychedelic Somatic Integration: This was UNEXPECTED

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This was basically like interviewing sacred psychedelic superstars... my amazing practitioner Annie and her teacher Saj. While everything I've done for the past 20 years on my personal growth path has been supportive, nothing until PSI had cracked the code on why I kept attracting abusive romantic relationships and professional situations. The profound sense of self forgiveness is beyond words, the wellbeing I've never known possible is becoming more common. This conversation explains the science of our bodies and psychedelics, as well as the heartfelt experience of being at rest, heart open, trusting our bodies and honoring their capacity to bring us home into wholeness. I am thrilled beyond measure to bring this possibility of life beyond trauma home to you and your body... for it's the deepest key to intimacy.

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