September 20, 2023 |

S11 | Intimate Conversations: True Power Is In The Unseen with Carissa Johnsen

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Oh how I love this woman more and more every time we connect. She's 20 years my junior however she awakens something each time I listen to her. Timeless wisdom. Carissa shared her beautiful journey of having it all yet when asked, What do you do for fun? ...she didn't have an answer. She felt empty, her soul fractaled into pieces so she began a deep healing journey into wholeness and truth discovering what she truly wanted. We agree that true power is in the unseen, as the late Stuart Wilde called silent power. Carissa speaks in poetry and seems to channel such eloquence to express herself while letting herself be moved by my vulnerable shares. We dove deeper with stories of clients and ex lovers speaking of the evolution of soul purpose and true sensual confidence from within.

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