October 18, 2023 |

S11 | Intimate Conversations- Soul Medicine: The Brotherhood of Belonging with Bryan Reeves

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I really feel that Bryan is a sacred brother. I love how he walks through this world brave, human and making allowance for the messy. We spoke of letting go of trying to figure it out, no need to carry our burdens alone, how can we surrender into partnership with life. He told a beautiful story of his vision quest and remembering that life was working just fine without any intervention from him. Indeed the Divine animates us if we integrate what’s in the way of being the vessel. We spoke of the deep work he does with relationships, leaning into challenges that arise, being careful not to take action out of fear or wounding. We spoke of the incredible work he does with men who deal with issues such as feeling not good enough, alone or exiled into worthlessness… AND how to change that.

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