January 31, 2024 |

S11 | Intimate Conversations: Client Deidre’s Story and Healing Tools That Work

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Oh my God how I love this woman! How inspiring to listen to her story from dating dud's desperately, to not only meeting the love of her life, yet having to be patient, surrender and continue to double down on falling in love with herself... until he finally said, why don't you move in, babe. :) How inspiring to see how doing this deep intimacy work also gave her the clarity and courage to leave corporate and thrive as an entrepreneur giving her unique gifts and continuing to expand her talents in her consulting practice. And how humbling for me it was to realize that it's my vulnerability, transparency and revealing that I'm not perfect (and often a hot mess) led her to trust me MORE and get even more value out of the intimacy training and community... because it's so safe for us all to be ourselves, pick ourselves up, keep growing and soar... together.

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