July 6, 2023 |

S11 | Intimate Conversations – Candid Confessions: This is what happened. Again.

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I believe breakups, divorces and infidelity nightmares come down to a lack of intimacy in relationships, which of course comes down to a lack of intimacy with ourselves. We're all doing our best, yet when any of us get close to the core vein of pain, that childhood wound, that traumatic nervous system response… our survival mechanisms of blame, stonewalling or disassociation often take over. Life has always given me clues to follow the path of healing. From my first wealthy husband to coaching Lisa Gibbons through Dancing with the Stars, to hosting sex education videos for the Sinclair Institute, to being interviewed by David de Angelo for Double your Dating... everything has helped me grow personally and become an even better facilitator of healing to my VIP clients. I certainly teach what I'm here to learn! Vulnerability meets credibility as we all ascend together.

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